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Modern marriage and dating sites allow you to find a wife of any nationality. Even though the whole process sometimes can be referred to as ‘buying a bride’, you are not actually buying a person. “Mail order brides cost” means all money that you spent during online dating.

You may wonder if it is possible to buy a wife, for example, for $1,000? In theory, yes, but mail order brides pricing varies. There is no flat estimate, as many factors influence the final sum. And you still should be aware of what to expect, as the financial side is an essential factor and a possible deal-breaker for singles considering international relationships.

What are the components of the mail order bride cost?

Many factors make up the prices of mail order brides. We gathered the main ones to show you the main expenses and make a rough average of the “bride budget”.

  1. Membership fee. Usually, dating/marriage sites have a few types of membership. Free one gives access to the basic features and services, and Premium opens up the site’s full potential. Currently, the average cost of mail order bride premium membership is around $25/month.
  2. Services fee. High-quality services require payment, and as a rule, mail-order sites are fee-based. That means that you are paying for the number of services that you are actually using. The majority of communication tools tend to be pay-to-use, and the price will depend on the type of service you’ll want to use and the time you spend communicating.
  3. Travel expenses. Sooner or later, you’ll want to meet your girl IRL, and that also requires money. If you decide to visit your girl you should expect to spend on tickets, accommodation, leisure, and presents.
  4. Documents & legal consulting. International and immigration laws may vary in different countries, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up. To make the process less painful, you’ll need legal consulting and/or help with the document’s preparation.
  5. Wedding expenses. According to the latest study, the average wedding cost is $33,900. Additionally, the majority of couples go on a honeymoon and spend approximately $5,000. But such expenses are highly variable, and you can find an option suitable for your budget.

Those are the main parts of the mail order bride cost that you should expect to pay for a stunning bride from abroad. But some of the factors are variable, so let’s explore what can influence the final cost.

What influences the cost of an online bride?

If you want to find cheap mail order brides, you should know that the biggest influence on a final price is a dating/marriage site you choose to join.

Let’s see the pricing of the typical dating site on the example of the KissRussianBeauty website:

ExpensesAnastasiaDate pricing
Free servicesRegistration, browsing profiles, viewing public photos, using search, customer service, downloading the mobile app, saying ‘Hi’ (message templates, ice-breakers), reading introductory mails from other users
Communication services
  • Live chat (0.5 credits every 5 minutes; 0.3 credits per voice message sent; 1.5 credits per photo sent or viewed; 2.5 credits per video viewed)
  • Sending premium emoticons in live chat (0.1 credit each time sent)
  • Mails (1 stamp us used to send/read a mail; 1 stamp to view/add an attachment)
  • Watching public broadcasts (the first 3 seconds are free. If you have a voucher, the free minutes will be applied to the beginning, after than 0.2 credits will be charged per minute)
  • Text Chat during public broadcasts (regular text messages are free during the broadcast. Pop messages are billed at 0.05 per message)
  • One-on-One chatting room (if you have a voucher, the free minutes will be applied to the beginning, after then 0.5 credits will be charged per minute. Texting — the same prices as for chatting during public broadcasts)
  • Hang-out with broadcasters (0.5 credits per minute per broadcaster participated)
Extra services
  • Sending flowers (from $129, delivery is additionally paid)
  • Sending gifts (from $159 + delivery)
Credit cost
  • 2 Credits — $3.99 (the package includes 3 vouchers, 10 virtual gifts, and 20% off for 14 days on One-on-One and Chat service
  • 16 Credits — $96.00 (the package includes 6 vouchers, 30 virtual gifts, and 20% off for 14 days on One-on-One and Chat service
  • 100 Credits — $399.00 (the package includes 6 vouchers, 30 virtual gifts, and 20% off for 14 days on One-on-One and Chat service)
Stamp cost
  • 5 Stamps — $16.99 at a discount ($32.00 — regular price)
  • 16 Stamps — $49.99 at a discount ($96.00 — regular price)
  • 40 Stamps — $99.99 at a discount ($224.00 — regular price)

Note that pricing is only an example, so check out the current cost for services on the platform you consider joining.

Get the best price for a bride online

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Getting the best value for the money you pay is a great skill to have, as it will help you spend your resources wisely and allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses. Here are some tips that will help you to get the best price:

  • If the platform you decide to use has a matching algorithm, use it to get accurate partner suggestions. Take some time to fill questionnaires in detail, state the main preferences and desires for the future wife.
  • Don’t leave your profile unfilled. Forgetting that you are not the only one who chooses is a huge mistake. No girl will decide to write to a man with no photo or at least some basic info about him.
  • Use the platform regularly to stay connected and communicate more with a couple of girls you like. That will help you to get to know the potential candidates better and choose one for a long-distance relationship faster.
  • Stay tuned for sales and seasonal bonuses. Usually, sites send emails about upcoming sales or discounts on membership. Benefit from them!

The cost of getting a mail-order bride to the US

Considering moving expenses is essential if you have intentions to take your long-distance romance to the next level and start a family. You can legally bring a foreign bride to the US if you are an American citizen under The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, family, and immigration laws. There are two options available: you can sponsor your wife’s green card, or you can obtain a K-3 visa. The estimated price for that is around $1,200. If you are not yet married, you will need a K-1 visa. It will allow you to get married and then apply for permanent residency. And the estimated expenses for that are around $2,000.

Additional moving expenses include plane tickets to the US, other travel expenses, and insurance.

Final thoughts

The price of mail order brides is different. But even $1,000 can be enough for a good start if you are not considering traveling and wedding expenses yet. But regardless, the current mail-order bride’s prices are reasonable, and almost everyone can afford to use dating sites and find a suitable partner online.