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We can’t tell you which is the best country to find a wife or girlfriend, of course — for some men, it’s the United States, for some it’s Ukraine, for others it’s any South American or Southeast Asian country. It depends only on your requirements and preferences. Like, some American men prefer loyal Asian girls who dream of being stay-at-home wives — in this case, such countries as Thailand, Vietnam, or the Philippines are the right choice. Some Americans want to find a beautiful Asian girl who’ll have modern views on gender equality and family values — in such cases, the best countries to find a loyal wife are Korea and Japan.

For those who are searching for a hot and extremely passionate girl, the answer to the question “what country has the best wives” is clear: Colombia, Brazil, and other Latin American countries. If you want to find a beautiful Slavic girl who’ll be both feminine and strong, the best place to find a wife is Eastern Europe. We’ll elaborate more on that below, so if you want to understand which is the best country to find a wife or girlfriend for you, continue reading!

What is the best place to find a wife or girlfriend?

As we’ve said, it’s not like “one-country-fits-all” — all these countries are different and all women are different, too. Let’s talk about the three most popular regions when it comes to international dating — Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America.

Best countries to find a loyal wife or girlfriend in Asia

Asian countries are often called the best countries to find a wife because of several reasons — some men think these women are very passive and shy, the others think these women dream of being stay-at-home mothers, etc. It’s only partially true — the thing is, women from Eastern and Southeastern Asia are very different. Let’s talk about them.

A short disclaimer: we won’t talk about the beauty here. Why? Because that’s obvious — Asian girls are very beautiful, as well as their Slavic counterparts, and South American women are also extremely attractive. So, let’s skip to more important things.

East Asia: China, Korea, Japan

  • Women from these countries are both feminine and modern at the same time. As we’ve said, their views on gender roles are quite similar to the ones Western women have, so if you’re searching for an intelligent and modern woman, Japan, Korea, and China are the best countries to find a wife.
  • They are hardworking. People from China, Korea, and Japan are among the most hardworking people in the world, and women from these countries work as much as men (if not more). That’s why these girls are probably not the best option for those who are looking for a stay-at-home wife.
  • They are not focused on long-term relationships. Well, not to the same extent as Southeast Asian girls. While the women from the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam think that it’s extremely important to get married and to find a lifetime partner, the ladies from Eastern Asia see nothing wrong in casual dating and in short-term relationships.

Southeast Asia: the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia

  • Girls are often very traditional here when it comes to family values and gender roles — like, they dress in a feminine way, they are polite and respectful, caring, loving, and all that. These women are expected to be housewives and homemakers and gender equality is not as important to them as to the ladies from Eastern Asia.
  • They are typically more passive than the girls from Eastern Asia. They typically avoid confrontation, they are quite shy, and they can sacrifice their needs if it’s needed. If you’ve ever heard about shy Asian girls, it was most likely about the women from these four countries.
  • Women from Southeast Asian countries expect a man to be the leader. No surprises here, huh? These women are expected to be calm, loving, and submissive, but they think that the leadership in home is man’s responsibility.

Best places to find a wife or girlfriend in Europe

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We are not talking about Western Europe here. The point is: you can find a wife in Germany, in France, or in Belgium, but these countries are not that popular when it comes to international dating and international relationships. Here, we’ll talk about such countries as Ukraine, Poland, and Russia — Slavic girls are extremely popular among American men because of their beauty and because of their character traits.

  • There is a stereotype about “easy” Eastern European girls, but that’s very far from the truth. You’ll need to be a real gentleman and you’ll have to do your best to impress these women. What’s more, these women sometimes look shy and reserved on the first date, and you will have to break this ice.
  • Women from Ukraine, Poland, and Russia are very modern, but they still tend to marry earlier than their Western counterparts, and they are still focused on serious relationships. If you’re searching for a woman who is a mixture of traditional and modern, Slavic girls are exactly what you need.
  • They make great wives and mothers. The combination of their traditions, their cultural values, and their views on family roles is the thing that makes them really perfect lifetime partners.

Where to find a wife or girlfriend in Latin America

The most popular Latin American countries regarding international relationships are Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico (yeah, we know it’s not a South American country, but Mexican girls are very similar to the ladies from the South American continent).

  • They are just hot and it’s not only about their physical appearance. It’s about literally everything they do and speak, it’s about how they dress and how they move — well, you need to see it with your own eyes to understand what we’re talking about.
  • Women from this region are very emotional. Don’t get us wrong, they are emotionally healthy — they just don’t see anything wrong in expressing their emotions openly. You’ll need to get used to it.
  • They are often very open-minded and friendly. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about cheating — Latin American women are typically very loyal to their partners. If you’re searching for a loyal woman, South America is the best place to find a wife for you.

How to find a wife or girlfriend from another country fast and easy?

You can do it offline, of course, but we highly recommend you find a wife online. It’s much faster and cheaper than going to a foreign country; it’s much safer than approaching the girls on the streets of Ukraine, Brazil, or China; and it’s much more convenient — after all, you don’t even need to leave your home on the initial stage of your relationship. Yes, most international dating sites are not free to use, but they cost about $20-$40 per month which means they are still much cheaper than the alternative.