Mail order bride

It’s sad, but it’s a fact: dating services, especially the ones with mail order brides, are not scam-free. Some of them are very close to the “Scam-Free” title, but none of them can safely say that they don’t have ANY scammers. Here, we’ll talk about how to avoid mail order bride scams and about how to choose a safe dating site. Let’s start.

Tips on how not to get scammed on a mail order bride website

  • NEVER SEND MONEY. It’s the basic rule you have to follow. Scammers love telling people that they have an emergency situation — imagine that you’re chatting with a mail order bride for one or two days and then she suddenly tells you that her mom is sick or that she needs to pay her rent right now. In such a case, ignore these messages and block the user — if it’s really a scammer, this account will be blocked immediately. That’s the basic rule of online dating — never send money to the women, especially if you have never met them before.
  • Always google the photo and check if the profile is real. It’s usually quite easy to understand that the account is fake — in most cases, you’ll see lots of profiles with this photo on many other dating websites.
  • Don’t reveal too much about yourself. You surely don’t want to be blackmailed, and that’s what scammers do — they collect as much personal and sensitive data as possible to blackmail the users of dating services with this data.
  • Always protect your financial information. If you lose your CC number and card verification value code, carders will be able to bypass the VBV verification and steal money from your credit card. Getting your money back can be a very time-consuming process, so it doesn’t have to come to that.
  • Don’t buy anything expensive. Some dating sites offer the users to send gifts to the mail brides, and we recommend choosing a small gift, like a bottle of champagne or a bouquet, instead of a new iPad or jewelry. The same applies to the tickets — scammers often say that they are ready to meet you in person, and the only thing you have to is to buy the tickets. It’s a red flag, actually.

How to choose a right mail order bride service with no scam

Mail order for a marriage

Unfortunately, there are lots of unsafe and scam mail order bride websites. Here, you’ll find 3 tips that will help you to choose safe and trustworthy platforms.

  1. Read the reviews. Yes, it will most likely take some time, but it’s the best thing you can do to sort out all the scam services with a bad reputation and with safety or privacy problems. There are lots of fake reviews, but it’s quite easy to distinguish the real ones from the fake ones.
  2. Check the safety of the service. Your financial data must be protected, as well as your personal information — so at least check the SSL certificate of the website. It must be valid.
  3. Test the site yourself. At most services, you can browse the profiles for free. Just google the photos and take a look at the accounts — in most cases, it’s enough to avoid mail bride scams.

Following these simple smart rules can save you time, money, and trust to women. Be thoughtful while online communication and keep the balance of heart and mind. And you’ll be good!