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Many myths about Russian women for marriage say that all they need is money and expensive things. However, this stereotype should be avoided because numerous men claim that they are the best wives. For sure, some people have underlying intentions. But one shouldn’t use the “one size fits all” approach in this situation because such persons can be found in any country. There are many Russian women in America because they come there to work, explore the culture, or change their lives. A man can easily spot them among other girls because they dress differently and usually have makeup on.

These ladies are smart, skilled, and educated, as well as incredibly beautiful. If a man decides to get to know a Russian mail order bride, he will be amazed by her personality. It is often when two soulmates from different parts of the world find each other on the Internet and fall in love. Their feelings give them the strength to maintain long-distance relationships, and usually, they get married when a woman comes to the US. There are plenty of the best mail order brides sites, where Western guys can meet the love of their lives.

American guys adore Russian mail order brides because they combine both internal and external beauty. They know how to cook and raise children, and also how to behave in front of different people and look stylish. As they have quite opposite values, in comparison with American singles, Western gentlemen often find their views more “convenient.” The reason is that many single men who live in the US want their lovers to be more feminine and spend more time at home rather than at work. And hot Russian brides are raised with the thought that family is their top priority.

Nowadays, their views have become slightly different, and they want to avoid living by strict gender roles. Nevertheless, they’d still choose to take care of their home if they’re confident in their partners. Let’s find out what Russian girls for marriage are like and the characteristics of their dating culture!

What to expect from Russian mail order brides: features and relationships

In general, you can read a lot about hot Russian mail order brides, and there are many different interesting opinions and beautiful phrases about them. They attract foreigners with their beauty and elegant appearance. There are other standards and requirements for beauty in Russia. In this country, almost every girl does a manicure and pedicure and not all American women will spend money and time on this. Foreigners notice that Slavs almost always look feminine. Also, Russian women have a more conservative upbringing and are more focused on family life, and American women are more independent. It is customary in their country to take care of a man and a family. We have made a list of some things that mark out beautiful Russian brides, and you can read it down below.

Family is the main priority of Russian women

Family is the main value in the system of life coordinates of a Russian woman. Even though girls in Russia study, work, and build careers, their husbands and children are always a priority. Perhaps this is due to the fact that patriarchal traditions are still strong in society. Russian girls are very loyal, and if they fall in love, it’s for a long time. They will try to preserve any relationship, even destructive for her, just to avoid divorce. But a man should not abuse her patience: if she still decides to leave, she will leave for good.

Russian mail order wives control their emotions

Russian females come from cold culture, meaning that they aren’t used to showing their emotions. Unlike French, Italians, or Spanish, they prefer to hide their feelings. They might seem cold-hearted, but it isn’t true. As soon as you get to know them better, they will feel comfortable enough to say what they think. A man should be prepared to convince his lady to tell him what’s wrong as she might keep silent, wanting him to apologize. Well, that’s what they’re like and if you want to date Russian women, be ready to face challenges. However, they’re worth it!

Unusual manners and attitude to relationships

Dating culture in Russia slightly differs from the American one. There, it’s common for men to bring flowers on dates, dress appropriately in accordance with the place of the meeting, and be true gentlemen. Russian brides adore courtship and quickly notice if a guy doesn’t have manners. They expect men to open doors for them, move chairs before they sit, and say nothing if they were late. They also don’t like it when guys are bragging about the things they bought or talk about their past relationships. Also, you won’t be able to buy a Russian wife. Thus, remembering good manners and showing that you’re thoughtful and attentive are the keys that will help you win Russian girls’ hearts.

Femininity and attention to their appearance

Russian women take their beauty very seriously. Sure, they are lucky with genes, but they spend a lot of time and money on cosmetics. They will never leave the house until they make sure they look attractive. Russian mail order brides learn to look after themselves from an early age, although, to tell the truth, their beauty is natural. In principle, they may not wear makeup, but they do it anyway to feel more confident. They are proud of their appearance and rightfully so. Young girls take care of themselves: they go in for sports or exercise regularly to keep fit. Russians tend to neglect fast food and walk a lot.

Perseverance and self-sufficiency

This point might be questionable, but it means that hot Russian singles know how to screw in light bulbs or hammer nails. If they need something, nothing will stop them from doing that. Although they prefer men to do all the hard work, there will be no problems repairing something. Also, they follow their dreams and treat their relationships with seriousness, hoping to marry their partners in a couple of years.

Why Russian women for marriage want to date American men and vice versa

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It is often when mail order brides from Russia want to get married to American guys because they hope to have a better life with them. There are many social issues in their country that don’t make them happy, so they search for ways to improve their situations. Moreover, some men there are spoiled, and they do not value their wives, having issues with alcohol addiction, and leaving their families. For sure, all Russian females have different circumstances and causes, but in America, they will be respected more than in her homeland. There is a list of the factors that make local girls want to marry American gentlemen:

  • They want to feel secure in their future and have broad opportunities.
  • Russian singles might be in their 30s and considered “not so young,” but in the US, they have chances to meet nice men.
  • They prefer guys with values opposite to local men’s ones.
  • They might find American culture closer to them than Russian.
  • Russian mail order wife want to ensure a better life for them and their kids.

These reasons are the most common among Russian singles. Now, we want to explain why beauties from this faraway country attract American guys so much. According to many gentlemen in marriages with Russian lovers, these women clearly understand their role in relationships. They have a gentle character, which simply amazes men from the West. They are also very loyal, so a girl won’t even look at other men if she decides to get married. For her, cheating is a sign of insecurity. Since childhood, these girls are taught to cook and do household duties. These skills help them make their husbands happy, and their homes are always clean and nice.

With the development of feminism, Western women started to declare their rights, sometimes crossing all boundaries. However, there is still a patriarchal system in Russia, and a man is considered the “head” of the family. It is difficult not to fall in love with Russian women for their generosity, kindness, and attention to others. Also, American girls do not dream of marriage as the most cherished event in life, while Russians want to get married and start a family as soon as possible. Gentlemen can easily find a mail order wife online and prove to themselves that these ladies are the best love partners.

Russian girls vs American girls: are there any differences?

It’s clear that ladies who live in different countries would have diverse views and values. Dating Russian singles might become unusual for a Western man as they behave opposite to their local ladies. Nevertheless, it’s worth comparing some traits of foreign beauties with ones who come from the US.

  1. American girls tend to be more financially independent, while Russian females are dependent on their husbands.
  2. Ladies from Russia get married at an early age, while women from the US prefer to marry guys after they’re in their 30s.
  3. Russian singles spend a lot of time doing their makeup and choosing clothes, while American females prefer the natural look and dress comfortably.
  4. Women from the US are more emotional and sensitive, while Russian beauties are more caring and calm.

Final thoughts

To sum up, if a man decides to marry a lady, he should consider her cultural specificities. It is often when Russian women for marriage and American men make great couples together, have strong families, and are deeply in love. You never want to get paid to marry a Russian, you yourself will go down the aisle with this beauty! Therefore, if you feel like a Russian mail order bride is your ideal partner – don’t hesitate and take steps towards winning her heart!