Home Opposites Attract: Latin Brides And American Men Make Perfect Couples!

Opposites Attract: Latin Brides And American Men Make Perfect Couples!

Intermarriages are common nowadays, and many Latin females in their best ages prefer marrying non-Hispanic men. Those ladies who work also consider Western men as their potential husbands because they believe they are more open-minded and have modern views. Back in 2010, here was research that found out that 43% of 275,500 people were white/Latin couples. Moreover, there are certain stereotypes concerning Latin brides’ appearances. For example, many guys believe that all these ladies have tanned skin and black hair and eyes. However, it’s more of a generalization because there are females with blonde and ginger hair, blue and green eyes, straight or curly hair, and of tall and short height.

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Of course, there are brides who have darker or lighter skin, and they are all different, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not beautiful. They are all unique and what makes them distinct is that they are mixed with many races and gene pools like Indian, African, and European. Thus, they have inherited many features from people of other nationalities and have allure appearances that can’t be found anywhere else except the countries of their origin.

Additionally, there are many Latin women in America, and the local culture influences them. Moreover, they don’t all speak the same language. For example, there are ladies who only know Spanish, some of them know both English and Spanish, and others speak four or more languages. It all depends on a person, so a man from the US might have or not have issues related to the language barrier.

As for how to meet Latin women, there are many ways, as they live in America and men can identify them for their accents and unique appearances. Also, with the development of technologies, many Latin females started using the Internet to communicate with Western guys, and there are the best sites with mail order brides that can be used to meet these ladies. Another question is why Latin singles prefer to marry gentlemen from the US? What their reasons are? Let’s find out!

Why Latin mail order brides prefer American men over locals? Reasons and explanations

In the US, people have a higher level of well-being than those who live in Latin countries. And women want to immigrate there or dream of marrying American guys because they know they’ll be happier with them than with local males. The reason for such conviction is that domestic abuse is quite common there. Low level of education and income and economic dependence make local men find relief in threatening their wives. Additionally, many women experience discrimination in their homelands as they aren’t being encouraged to go to college or find better jobs, but men are. Therefore, Latin wives are more than happy to be married to American gentlemen rather than Hispanic because they treat them as equal partners but not as “maids.”

In the US, it is also often when both partners have already been married and have kids. But this makes everything more complicated for Latin women. In their countries, divorced ladies with “baggage” are not popular among guys because they don’t want to care for someone else’s kids. However, it is common in America when a man and a woman have already been in relationships. But they don’t pay great attention to that because what truly matters are their current feelings towards each other. Thus, Latin brides want to marry Western gentlemen because they find them more attentive, caring, and devoted and make their women feel loved.

The concept of intermarriage and its impact on spouses

Many people believe that the marriage of two individuals of different nationalities makes a highly positive impact on the society’s development. Both partners get to know each other’s cultures better and share and spread their ancestors’ traditions and views. Moreover, the divorce rate among Latin-white couples is rather low as they understand the need for putting effort towards adaptation to their partner’s perceptions and partaking in their culture.

Familism is an essential concept for the Latin brides for marriage, because they are taught that family values are more important than those of individuals. They believe that marriages are meant to be lifelong and that partners have to be loyal and faithful, putting both spouses’ happiness on top of their personal independence. In intermarriages, cultural differences are considered as the strength of the relationships rather than drawbacks. Also, married people who come from different countries say that there is a stigma attached to the relationships of partners like them. They believe that everybody’s different in one’s way, no matter what color one’s skin is or where one is from, because people fall in love with each other not because of that.

Pros & cons of dating Latin women

Latin women are known for their emotional and interesting personalities. They are incredibly gorgeous, and their beauty has conquered the world and brought them numerous victories in beauty contests. If you decide to date Latin women, you should understand that they differ from American ladies. Living in an opposite culture has its influence, so these girls might have different views and goals. However, a lot of Western men are genuinely happy to be in relationships with their lovely foreign brides. Letโ€™s discover what to expect from Latin singles, starting with their benefits!

  • Latin women are always well-dressed and look feminine.
  • They are skilled cooks.
  • They like to take care of their men.
  • Latin girls are fit and always in a good shape.
  • They are loyal, passionate, and kind.

Itโ€™s really impressive how these women manage to combine both internal and external beauty and be ready to face everyday challenges. They are truly great housewives and are very close to their families. Nevertheless, nobody is perfect and Latin females have some disadvantages:

  • They are quite jealous.
  • Latin ladies are loud and occasionally too emotional.
  • Sometimes, they accuse men of cheating even if itโ€™s false.
  • They are extremely possessive.
  • Latins are sometimes manipulative and like to spend husbandsโ€™ money.

Latin women vs American women: differences in dating cultures

Ladies who come from different countries have contrasting cultural backgrounds and expectations. Therefore, when trying to become acquainted with a Latin female, a gentleman should understand that he needs to act according to their dating norms. If he is too assertive or unwell behaved, a lady won’t even look at him. Moreover, some things accepted among American singles are opposite to the Latin ladies’ ones. So, further, we present the main things that differentiate women from the mentioned countries.


When going somewhere and trying to interact with ladies, a man will surely see the difference between girls from diverse cultures. American females have “bright” personalities, and they are usually easier to establish contact with. They interact and socialize very often. As for Latin girls, they are more secretive, and guys need to take time to get their attention. Moreover, when being in relationships with these girls, men see that they are very passionate and feminine, loving to show their best sides and are proud of themselves. Western girls, in this case, are more discreet and prefer to wear comfortable clothes rather than high heels and bright makeup.


In Latin countries, it is common for men to take the lead and make first steps towards approaching a girl. Therefore, your Latin lover will expect you to be proactive and show your feelings first. However, if a guy puts in enough effort, his lady will quickly open up and reciprocate. American girls are a bit more easy-going, and they are ready to take the initiative in their hands. They don’t want to wait until men are ready to approach them, so they go for it if they want something. And a little tip for men who want to find latin brides for marriage and dating, but hesitate to meet them in real life, is to use online dating websites as there are numerous profiles of these attractive ladies.


Family is significant in Latin culture, and as soon as you have serious relationships with a woman, be ready to meet her family. There are many interactions between relatives, for example, family gatherings, events, and get-togethers. For sure, in American culture, the family is also highly valued, but such close connection is less prevalent. Besides, Western ladies have busier routines and spend more time at work rather than at home. And Latin mail order brides prefer to care about their loved ones and do some household chores, especially cook delicious meals.


American ladies love equal relationships and want their duties and responsibilities to be separated in half with their men’s. They have liberal backgrounds and don’t want to be housewives and spend all their time at home, but be free to choose what they want to do. When comparing Latin girls vs American girls, it can be seen that first ones prefer when their men are dominant and take care of all the problems and decisions. They want to make sure that their husbands feel loved and cared for and would stay with their kids rather than go to work as they have been taught to do so.

Final thoughts

International dating and marriage are prevalent nowadays because people don’t want to limit themselves with counties’ borders and are eager to find lovers with contrasting cultural backgrounds. The relationships between American males and Latin women are usually successful because partners complement each other and have strong and reliable marriages. There are many benefits in dating mail order brides (Latin America is one of the most popular destinations for this) because they are unlike anybody else, being attentive, loving, and affectionate. Although they might have different views, any Western man will be happy to win the heart of this passionate lady!