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The Only Guide To Dominican Brides You Will Ever Need

The Dominican Republic is not the biggest or most famous Latin American country, but it is surprisingly popular among Western men looking for a foreign wife. In 2019, 1,270 Dominican women entered the US to marry American men, which made this country second on the list of Latin American destinations with the biggest number of mail order brides (Source). So why exactly are Dominican mail order brides so sought after among foreign guys?

Why should you choose Dominican brides for dating and marriage?

Dominican brides for dating

Latin mail order brides are understandably popular, but what exactly makes Dominican brides stand out? These are the three qualities you can look forward to when dating Dominican women.

Beauty of Dominican ladies is exotic

The ancestry of Dominican girls is so complex that they look more exotic than most other Latin brides. They have a darker skin tone, curly hair, and beautiful curves that look even more striking thanks to the unique fashion sense of Dominican girls.

Dominican wives let their emotions run wild

Dominican women are not the ones to hide their emotions or fake feelings for someone when there aren’t any. You can always tell when a Dominican bride has a strong interest in you as a man and she will unlock even more sides of her personality in a relationship.

They will do anything for their family

An impressive career or a long list of previous travels don’t matter as much to a Dominican woman as the well-being of her loved ones. The family will always be the number one priority for Dominican wives and something they always think about no matter where they are.

Why do Dominican girls look for men from other countries?

Dominican girls

In some ways, Dominican women have a steadier and safer life than many other Latin American girls. However, ladies in the Dominican Republic still face a number of issues every day, from the absence of good job opportunities to systematic violence from men (Source). Needless to say, this is not the kind of life Dominican women dream of, both for themselves and their future children. That is why many of them make the tough but necessary decision to look for marriage opportunities overseas.

Which qualities do Dominican mail order brides want to see in men?

For Dominican brides, the decision to find a foreign husband is often influenced by their unsatisfactory life at home, but it’s not the only reason why they are doing it. Dominican women have a specific set of qualities they are looking for in men, and in their experience, Western guys usually possess them all.

  • Active lifestyle. Dominican women are naturally curious and active, and there is nothing worse for them than a husband who spends his evenings and weekends on the couch. Dominican wives want to explore the world and its many opportunities, and they need someone who will do it with them.
  • Family commitment. The ladies of the Dominican Republic rightfully believe that a family is more than just social status. In their eyes, it’s not enough for a man to get married and have children — he also needs to show a genuine interest in being a good husband and father, as well as be willing to spend as much time with his family as he can.
  • Desire to provide. Dominican women may be very modern in some aspects of family life, but they still think that providing for the family is fully the man’s prerogative. They expect the man to have an income that can allow the whole family to live comfortably and not spend a big chunk of that income on his personal expensive hobbies or vices.

Top 5 wedding traditions in the Dominican Republic

Dominican brides online

The majority of believers in the Dominican Republic consider themselves to be Catholics (Source), which is why the wedding traditions in the country are heavily influenced by the Catholic faith. That is why, if you’ve ever attended a Catholic wedding, you can find some of the Dominican wedding traditions to be familiar, although some of them are totally unique. Here are the 5 wedding customs you will always see in a Dominican wedding.

  1. Padrinos and madrinas. The padrinos and madrinas are the two most important people next to the bride and groom. They are usually the bride’s father and the groom’s mother who help plan the event and act as witnesses for the ceremony.
  2. Seeing the bride. In the Dominican wedding culture, the bride doesn’t have to hide from the groom on the morning of the wedding. They will often get ready together and have the photographer make some candid photos in the meantime.
  3. The Cantada ceremony. In a Dominican wedding, you will hardly ever see a professional live band or a DJ playing music through the speakers. Instead, the music will be supplied by the guests themselves singing.
  4. Arras. Arras, or coin ceremony, takes place at every wedding in the Dominican Republic. The future husband will hand a tray with 13 gold coins blessed by the priest to the bride as a symbol of his commitment and willingness to share.
  5. Hora Loca. Dominican wedding receptions last until the morning hours, but around midnight, the music and the vibe in the room will change. This is when you know that the hora loca, or crazy hour, has started and now everyone will party like it’s their last day on Earth.

Final thoughts

A mail order bride from the Dominican Republic can become your loyal and reliable partner for life. Use the information on our site to find out more about foreign women for marriage and the most effective ways to meet them.