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Scandinavian Brides

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What Should You Know About Scandinavian Brides Before Meeting Them?

Scandinavian singles

Scandinavian countries are famously well-off, which is why Scandinavia may not be the first destination you imagine when thinking of mail order brides. However, Scandinavian singles are very popular with foreign men looking for a life partner, and here is what you need to know about them.

Top 3 countries for Scandinavian mail order brides

Scandinavia is a Northern European region that has been known since the 1st century AD. The term “Scandinavia” wasn’t always as widely used as it is today, but since the 18th century, it has been the most popular way to address the region. The exact definition of Scandinavia differs: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are always named among Scandinavian countries (and they should be considered the main destinations to consider), while Finland and Iceland are often omitted from the list.

What do all Scandinavian brides have in common?

Scandinavian girl

The women known as Scandinavian mail order brides have enough unique features to stand out on their own, but they also share a few important traits. No matter which country your Scandinavian bride comes from, you can look forward to the following features.

Scandinavian singles are very good-looking

The history and demographic situation in the Scandinavian region helped women keep their original appearance features for centuries. Scandinavian girls are usually portrayed as tall, strong, and graceful, with blonde hair, blue or green eyes, and pale skin with rosy cheeks. We are happy to tell you that these traits can be found in most Scandinavian brides, who are very proud of their appearance and of always keeping it natural.

They are self-sufficient

Scandinavian girls are brought up with self-respect and self-confidence. Most of them receive a good education and go on to work as hard as men. That is why they are not looking for a man who will financially support them or allow them to quit working altogether. They are more than capable of providing for themselves and they are determined to contribute to the family budget once they start a family.

Scandinavian girls have a serious attitude towards marriage

Unlike many young women in Latin America and Asia, Scandinavian singles are not that fast to get married. The average age of first marriage for women in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden is 31.9, 32, and 33.5 respectively (Source), which means that their decision to get married is purely conscious for them. When a Scandinavian woman has a family to take care of, it will become her top priority.

How to date Scandinavian singles like a pro

How to date Scandinavian

If you don’t have any experience with women from Northern Europe but want to land yourself a Scandinavian bride, these 5 tips will help you make the best impression.

  1. Show her that you are interested in her, but give her enough space to make the first move — giving the woman an upper hand at the beginning of the relationship promises great things for you in the future.
  2. Don’t try to seem overly generous. Scandinavian women are smart with money, but they also don’t like it when the man pays all the time. Splitting the bill or ordering drinks one by one is a much healthier dynamic.
  3. When you know what you want, it’s best to be direct. Scandinavian brides are very direct themselves and have no problem with stating their desires, so they will find your openness to be very Scandinavian-like.
  4. There is such a thing as overdoing it. You may be so anxious to make a perfect impression on your Scandinavian bride that you work too hard on your look or meet her with a prepared speech. A Scandinavian woman will always notice it and being a try-hard won’t work in your favor.
  5. Don’t just focus on building a romantic relationship. The romantic attraction is important for Scandinavian mail order brides, but they also care a lot about an emotional, friendly connection and the things you have in common.

3 qualities Scandinavian brides are looking for in men

How to date Scandinavian

The dating culture in Scandinavia is well-developed and women there are not just passively waiting for men to approach them. They also perform their own search when they want to meet a partner for life, and these are the three qualities they are always looking for.

  • Respect. Scandinavian brides demand respect from the men who want to date or marry them. Respectful behavior, the absence of any kinds of pressure, and the desire to let the woman take her time in a relationship are the qualities Scandinavian women want to see in men.
  • Open-mindedness. People in Scandinavian countries are famously open-minded. They are some of the most tolerant people on the planet and they never discriminate against others on any basis. If you want to win the heart of a Scandinavian bride, show that you accept everyone equally.
  • Absolute commitment. Scandinavian singles are so successful and self-sufficient that it doesn’t make sense for them to get married for financial or protection reasons. They want a loyal partner who will actually take care of the family he started with his Scandinavian bride and won’t abandon them at the next opportunity.

Final thoughts

There is something special with Scandinavian brides for everyone no matter what you’re into. Whether you enjoy the ambitious nature of Norwegian women, the fairytale appearance of Sweden mail order brides, or the fascinating personalities of Danish brides, you can find all of the most coveted features in Scandinavian women for dating and marriage.